AlterMall Competion

San Francisco California


Open Gap - Madrid,Spain


A Non-Commercial Indoor Public Space - Urban Culture Forest

The primary thought is to create a metaphor to the concept of “commercialization” which is the only sole purpose as of today to the union square and the retail around it. The energy tower and corridor live in the same space integrated and elevated and house the non- commercial focused uses in the program. The integral purpose of this location and site is to:

  • Celebrate the deep history of the corridor and union square space

  • Integrate the new “non-commercial” leisure space within the urban

  • commercial neighborhood inorder to embrace the city. Energy solution to the corridor incorporating resource effeceint consumption & renewable energy generation by using building integrated photovoltaic panels.

  • Create a civic identity based on human scale: streets & public spaces

  • Balance historic character with the new futuristic design to create a harmonious continuity.