New 49ers Stadium

Santa Clara, California

2012 - 2013


Building Information Model (BIM) Key Metal Framing, Clash Coordination, Geometry Breakout

Total Area: 1,850,000 sft.

SMA created the stud framing model for the entire stadium. This included all key studs, headers, jambs etc. We participated in all the BIM coordination meetings - on site and webex for the entire duration of the clash detection and coordination pre-construction.

SMA created Geometry BreakoutTM drawings and model for complex ceiling framing conditions and field coordinated with the surveyor.

SMA provided full client representation for this fast paced Design Assist stadium project. Some of the key services we provide are as follows:

  • Design Assist meeting representation as Design Assist Professionals for the BIM scope.

  • Immediate response & resolution assistance to sub contractor coordination issues.

  • 3D Modeling & clash detection services.

  • Weekly coordination via meetings on site and model uploads.

  • Continuous support to the sub contractor in creating shop drawings and models as required for coordination.