Stanford Bing Concert Hall

Stanford, California

2011 - 2012


Building Information Modeling (BIM),3D Shop Drawings, Geometry BreakoutTM

Total Area:112,635 sft.

SMA created Comprehensive Architectural Detailing (Detailed Geometry BreakoutTM ) for the gypsum scope for the concert hall. The scope involves consolidation of the 3D BIM models from various trades and creating a 3D model. Architectural 3D BIM detailing includes:

  • Enlarged Floor and Reflected Ceiling plan breaking out complex geometric forms into smaller detail areas. Wall and Plan sections with further details.

  • Multi-Dimensional 3D views with spot elevations to assist field construction.

  • Axonometric cutaways illustrating 3D wall ID tagging.

  • Architectural Details of the various complex gypsum conditions.

  • Detailed wall and ceiling schedule identifying each of the interior complex walls and ceilings.